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Maintenance knowledge monthly concrete mixer
Large Enterprise for the maintenance of machinery and equipment are fairly standard. They do maintenance work the equipment regularly. Monthly maintenance of concrete mixer is relatively important. Other than in the normal course of the necessary maintenance, but also in the monthly careful examination, if found the fault it need to repair process regularly. Under the conditions of the discharge door seal to check the concrete mixer, if leaks occur, replace. Check gearbox oil level. Use strips fixed gear boxes and transmissions rotation overflow plug. Do not overfill in either case. Fixed tank oil level should be the paper base.
For the emulsified oil, which is not water pollution, this oil is a normal appearance (ROL EP150 or equivalent). Do not use the gearbox oil level should be noted that, if reduced, which represent the leak, and should be investigated.
Such as changing the gearbox oil (after two years or 4000 hours of operation, with the fastest) All other repairs should be carried out by a competent service engineer. It is important to note that most of the operational problems of wear and concrete mixers.
So, for concrete mixers monthly maintenance, require the use of specialized equipment maintenance personnel to complete the inspection and maintenance work.