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FL3030 Luffing Crane
1. Hydraulic parts is with international brands of rotary device and pilot control valve.

2. Joint is used from EATON company which is the top 500 enterprises in the world, for its high reliability in all kinds of bad working condition with high resistance to shake or loose.

3. Structural parts is made from 16Mn steel, with advanced welding technology to ensure the strength and safety.
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Product Introduction
Structural Function
Technical Parameters
Commercial Terms
  • Price :
    H=93m $306,000 basis of CIF Dubai Port U.A.E
  • Delivery Time:
     60 days after receipt of down-payment
  • Packing:
    The goods are to be shipped in export packing suitable for the type of goods to be delivered. Packing is to be protect the Goods against any damage or corrosion when the Goods are transported by sea or by railway.
  • Terms of Payment:
    40% of total price as down-payment by T/T;
    60% of total price to be paid by T/T or L/C at sight.
  • Quotation Valid:
    30 days from the date of this offer.
  • Warranty:
    12 months is from the date of commissioning, or at the latest, 15 months from delivery.
Technical Parameters
Main Technical Parameter
Item Parameter
Model FL30/30
Max. Load 12(t)
Jib Length 50(m)
Mast Section 2×2×3(m)
Tip Load 3(t)
Height 93 (m)
Hoisting System  70RCS25
Lifting Speed 20~40~80 m/min
Falling Speed ≤7 m/min
Rope Length 486m
Total Power 51.5kw
  1. Adopting electromagnetic clutch to control speed and operation easily and convenient
  2. Adopting vortex braking motor to reach ideal lifting speed and slow in position of loading
Slewing System OMD85
Slewing Speed 0.8 r/min
Power 2×8.8kW
  1. Adopting hydraulic coupler for transmission, working steady and reliable
  2. There is no shaking or swing while rotating
  3. It can rotate as winds , to decrease the wind influence and ensure safety .
Luffing System 70RCS50
Trolley Speed 3 m/min
Power 51.5kw
  1. High running speed
  2. Running steady and reliable
Electric Elements
Control type Central control
Main electric components Schneider Brand (French)
Automatically trouble detect Such as overloading, mistaken operation
Sound & Lights Alarm One set

 Load Capacity
Jib 3.8~18 20 22 25 27 30
Load 12t 10t 8.7t 7.5t 6.8t 6.0t
Jib 35 37 40 45 47  
Load 4.9t 4.5t 4.1t 3.5t 3.2t  
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