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TZ 10F wheel loader
1. Hydraulic parts is with international brands of rotary device and pilot control valve.

2. Joint is used from EATON company which is the top 500 enterprises in the world, for its high reliability in all kinds of bad working condition with high resistance to shake or loose.

3. Structural parts is made from 16Mn steel, with advanced welding technology to ensure the strength and safety.
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Product Introduction
Structural Function
Technical Parameters
Specifications of DFME10F wheel loader 
1.0 Engine Details 
(1) Model: Changcai 4L 68/Changchai 490/Changchai 485 
(2) Engine type: In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel Engine
(3) Rated Power: 37KW /29KW/26KW
(4) Rated Speed: 2200 r/min (rpm) 
(5) Fuel Consumption ratio in standard working condition: 230g /kw.h
2.0 Transmission System 
(1) Type: Fixed-spindle Power shift 
(2) Shift gear control oil pressure: 1.2~1.5MPa 
(3) Rated input speed: 2500 (rpm)
3.0 Bucket 
(1) Bucket Capacity: 0.6 m3
(2) Bucket width: 1700mm 
(3) Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth 
(4) Rated Load: 1000kg 
(5) Operating Weight: 3000kg
4.0 Overall Dimensions 
(1) Overall Length (Bucket on ground position): 4750mm 
(2) Overall Height 
(a) Ground to Cab Top: 2500mm 
(b) Dumping Height: 2600mm 
(c) Min. Base to the Ground: 230mm 
(3) Overall Width: 1730mm
5.0 Operating Specifications 
(1) Steering System: Articulated Frame with hydraulic power steering 
(2) Min Turning Radius: 4000mm 
(3) Driving System: Hydraulic converter
6.0 Brake System 
(1) Service Brake: Four Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake 
(2) Parking Brake: Hand operated
7.0 Tyre 
(1) Model:8.25-16
8.0 Wheelbase: 1580mm 
9.0 Track: 1400mm
Technical Parameters
★ The cars will be matching the following features:
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Concretes agitation bucket Screening bucket Grasping for grass
New grasping for grass Oil drum clamps New oil drum clamps
V snow shovel blade Snow shovel blade  
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